In March 2020 we participated in Europe's longest dogs race Finnmarkslopet FL1200.

Norwegian Tv made a short documentary about us during the race ,You can find the link below.

https://tv.nrk.no/serie/finnmarksloepet/2020/MSPO40090320/avspiller        Fast forward to 8:40 and you find the little documentary about us,  it is in norwegian.

We are a small family passionate about all things husky! We have lived at Stengelsen Husky for six years, and we currently share our home with 24 huskies, two cats and five chickens. 

We are extremely fortunate to live in a beautiful area surrounded by mountains, forests, and the famous Alta river. Each year we are eager for the snow to arrive so we can take our huskies dogsledding, and share this fantastic experience with our guests. 

Ole, the father of this happy family, participates in the Finnmarksløppet every year. This is Europe's longest dogsled race, with the main focus of having lots of fun with the dogs and growing together as a team. 

We are used to hosting people from all over the world, and really love to share our enthusiasm for dogsledding with our guests. This is a small, family-run operation, where you are guaranteed an intimate and unique experience.